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Background checks on babysitters just a click away

Background checks can be an important part of the hiring process and help reveal a person’s criminal history. Our partner site offers different background checks that range in comprehensiveness. Please click here to learn more about the background check offerings available.

Finding a babysitter you can trust with the safety of your child can be challenging. Now many parents are turning to the internet to find a sitter.

Finding a good restaurant online is easy and you’re not really risking anything,  but booking a babysitter online requires more research. Parents in the United States spend about $120 billion on childcare each year and many are turning to the internet for help.



Comprehensive Background Screening Services Tips for Parenting

On most babysitter-for-hire sites, a sitter posts their profile and then it is up to an interested family to check the candidate’s background.

The three biggest sites are, and They all provide free babysitter searches, but most do charge extra for a background check.

The fees for these background checks will range, anywhere from $25 to $150.

All of these sites will extensively check public record databases for driving records and criminal convictions. They will share the detailed results with customers. However, some experts believe these sites may not go far enough.

We recommend that you run your own Deep Background Check on any potential sitter or caregiver 

Nannies, Housekeepers, and other Care Givers background records search


Nannies, Housekeepers, and other Care Givers

Remember, background checks don’t always predict future behavior. A background check is only one tool that can be used to determine if an individual should or shouldn’t be working with children.

Other things to take into consideration include: education, experience, skills, an interview with the individual, reference checks and an observation of the individual with your children.


Should you do a background check on your babysitter?

While we sometimes would like to think the best of people it is extremely important to check on individuals that have access to our families. Conducting a background check on your child’s nanny or babysitter is almost a given in today’s society. Here is a list of some of the checks you might want to consider.

This site is available to assist you in performing and finding babysitter or nanny background checks, criminal records or reference checks in a timely and affordable manner.

background checks for babysitters


Running a Background Check for a Nanny or Babysitter

Ask your nanny for current and any previous addresses as well as their date of birth and social security number. From there you may want to hire a firm to conduct the check. They will be able to provide a social security trace that should list previous addresses you can cross check.

This can be one of the most useful tools in determining someone’s character. Although you have to ask the right questions in the correct fashion. Don’t just ask for friends and relatives get previous employers as well. When interviewing references remember to ask if they are aware of any other places the individual has worked. These are known as developed references and they can be invaluable if the subject has left out any information. Call the references and tell them that your discussion is confidential to encourage them to be completely honest in their comments. Explain to them the importance of the position as it involves working with children. At a minimum ask about the applicant’s creativity, dependability, strengths, weaknesses, self-esteem, why she left, would they rehire her, and her ability to communicate.

How to Do a Background Check on a Babysitter

If your nanny or babysitter will be transporting your children in a vehicle this is a very good idea to check. This may also reveal any type of erratic behavior such as DUIs. Last but not least, don’t be afraid to ask questions. This person will be spending quite a bit of time with your children and loved ones. It is important that you feel comfortable with your decision.

How to Do a Background Check on a Babysitter

Common Mistakes Made While Performing Background Checks

Be Thorough

Above we have highlighted some of the most common and important checks. You may also want to go the extra mile and conduct a federal record search for criminal and civil filings including bankruptcies. A credit check which can show a persons reliability in paying their bills, etc. The main thing is to be sure and check as much as humanly possible. This is why you may want to hire a reliable background checking firm or private investigator when conducting these types of checks.

Don’t Go Cheap

In this economy it is understandable that families want to save money. In this instance though, it can be more costly to skimp on background checks. There are many companies that offer “cheap” background checks or criminal record checks. You see ads all the time “Conduct background checks for $24.95”. These companies are basically selling you a instant database check that checks numerous states. This information may be out of date or produce no results even when the subject does have a major criminal record. Some of these checks can be useful and there are some reputable resources that provide them. They are good for an extra layer of coverage or for just a cursory check to rule out initial candidates. Your best bet is an all inclusive check that covers hand checked multiple jurisdictions and incorporates the instant type databases.

Listen to Your Inner Voice

Even when things check out perfectly you may not have the perfect nanny or baby sitter. If the person makes you uncomfortable or upsets your children follow your gut instinct. Pay attention to detail when interviewing your child’s new caretaker. If something doesn’t seem right it may not be.

How Do I Get My Babysitter Background Check?

I wish there was an easy button you could click to run a background check on a prospective babysitter or nanny.  The reality, though, is that no such thing exists, and that’s primarily because of the way our judicial system works.  The quick explanation is that its totally fragmented, and records of criminal activity or driving violations are usually held at the state or county level.

Your first (and most important!) step is collecting some basic personal information from the candidate you’re considering hiring: previous addresses, social security number and DOB, driver’s license number, employment history, and references.  (You can download a PDF authorization form here.)  Ask candidly if there’s anything in her history that she wants to make you aware of, before you run a background check.

How Do I Get My Babysitter Background Check


Nanny and Babysitter Background Checks


Whether you’re hiring a firm to run a background check or conducting your own, you’ll want to make sure it includes these things:

Criminal check, at the county, state, and federal level: Confirm that the agency or firm is filing a record request at the county-level for the individual you’re vetting.  You should already know from the previous addresses she lists on the background check form how many counties they’ll need to check; find out how this will impact the pricing.   Social security trace: This will turn up addresses used for the past ten years, which can be cross-referenced with the addresses the candidate provided. DMV-check: This comes from your state’s DMV and will turn up any driving infractions (moving violations, major violations, DUIs).  Check previous addresses to see if you need to check any states beyond where you’re currently living.National Sex Offender Registry CheckChild Abuse and Neglect Registry Check: These records are held on a state-by-state level and are maintained by various state agencies (in some states, it is the DOJ; in others, it’s Human Services).

Once you’ve narrowed your search to three-to-five candidates, it’s time to conduct interviews. Not sure what to ask? We provide an Interview Questions Guide for every stage of the process.

Start with a brief phone interview with candidates you’d like to get to know. Just 10 minutes over the phone can help you determine a lot about their professionalism, personality, and experience. Listen to your intuition — if something doesn’t feel right, take a pass on that particular candidate; no amount of questioning will settle those initial feelings.

Sitter background checks

Match what you find against what the babysitter has provided, and probe into any discrepancies.  You’ll also want to do a deep dive when you check a babysitter’s references to turn up trouble spots that might not be top of mind for a busy parent who has little time to spend chatting about their previous sitter.

Verify Before You Hire!

Your children and vulnerable loved ones are depending on you to do your due dilligence. Carefully interview, do not overlook checking references, and be certain to obtain a FCRA compliant background check.

Now you should have a good feeling about which caregivers might be a good hire. Meet your final list of candidates face-to-face to ask more in-depth questions. You’ll want to make sure you’re both on the same page about job specifics, discipline, responsibilities, and any other expectations you may have. For your initial in-person interview, you should meet the caregivers at a coffee shop or other popular public place with other people around. Always provide your own transportation and tell someone in your family or a friend where you are going and when you will return. That way you can further evaluate each caregiver before inviting them into your home.

Thoughts on “Hiring A Babysitter: Run A Background Check ”

As a parent, nothing is more important than the safety of your children. So when you’re thinking of hiring a babysitter, you want to be confident that the person you hire is reliable and trustworthy (and has a great rapport with your kids, to boot). But how can you be sure you’ve hired the real-life Mary Poppins of your dreams?

Character and professional references: Ask previous employers about the dependability, warmth, kindness, experience, and level of professionalism of your potential babysitter.Criminal background: Is there a record of criminal activity that would make you think twice about leaving this person alone with your children?Driving records: If you’re planning to have the babysitter drive your kids anywhere, you’ll need to research their driving record.

To get a well-rounded picture of your potential babysitter, ask to speak to a mix of past employers and family or friends. For the previous employers, be sure to get a name, address, phone number, and dates of employment. Check each of these references personally, and be prepared with questions.

Even if you’re already leaning towards a particular candidate, be sure to introduce them to your children to see how everyone interacts. If things go well, your kids could help you identify the top candidates. And if a caregiver has trouble handling your kids while you’re around, she probably can’t handle them while you’re out.

Respect the limits

Some questions are out of bounds, even in a background check. Federal law prohibits you from asking about:

Age (although you can ask if they’re old enough to work legally)Where they were born (although you can ask if they can work legally in the U.S.)ReligionRace or ethnicityMarital statusDisability statusIf they’re pregnant or planning to be anytime soon

It can be tempting to forego the background check once you find a nanny you love, but don’t rush it—no matter how wonderful the caregiver, your child’s safety is paramount. A thorough background check can reveal information about a candidate that can help parents make a better-informed hiring decision.

You can’t trust anybody. That is true specially when it involves babysitting. You just can’t trust a soothing woman with a nice smile. It requires greater than a sweet smile to employ a babysitter.

What Exactly IN THE EVENT YOU Do?

You must do your part. And it’s really a major part. Locating a babysitter isn’t that simple. When you have neighborhood friends volunteering to babysit, then healthy. But again, can they be respected? If you are having trust issues, then operate a background check. That is the easiest way to quell your concerns. But how? Performing a background check can get very costly.

Of course, there is nothing very costly for your son or daughter’s safety but it could also be good when you can save several money. As parents, you want to invest your money correctly, right? Which means that you’d really welcome any affordable way to do it.

You will find babysitting services you will get online. These online services are simple to use and incredibly affordable. You may just subscribe and post employment. Nevertheless, you can do more than that. You can even view the background checks on babysitters. These online babysitter services can provide you usage of in-depth information. You’ll definitely exceed that sweet laugh when finding a babysitter.

You can even view the background checks of the babysitters. These online babysitter services can provide you usage of in-depth information. You’ll definitely exceed that sweet look when finding a babysitter.

PICK THE Online Babysitter Service THAT IS RIGHT For You

Virtually all babysitting services that you will find online run background checks. They need to provide this specific service because it’s a sensible way to ease the problems and anxieties of parents. To quell your nagging trust issues, it is strongly suggested that you feel members of the services.

You can find two online babysitting services worth taking into consideration. One is Care and Here, you may easily find a babysitter you can trust. You merely have to ensure you review their information. In doing this, you can obtain a background check.

There’s another online babysitting service that you should consider. This can be a leading online service agency of babysitters, Sittercity. Here, you can also (and easily) post employment. Once you have posted employment, you’ll be getting replies from interested candidates. You can certainly gain access to the resumes of the job seekers. If that’s insufficient, you can run background checks about them at affordable rates.

Their background checks can reduce your have a problem with trust issues. That matters a great deal when finding a babysitter.

Both these online babysitting services run background checks. As an associate, you additionally have usage of reviews from other parents, which is another smart way to filter people and do some background checking. They are great features these online babysitting services offer as their priority is to keep your household as safe as you possibly can. Their background checks can relieve your have a problem with trust issues. That matters a great deal when finding a babysitter.

Follow THE CHOICE Process

It’s essential that you execute a background check. You can’t omit that part. Safeness is the thing you can’t bargain. Your son or daughter is too treasured to be kept with just anybody. You will need to use the background check. It is the best way to assemble everything you will need. Read also: How exactly to use a promo code for Sittercity

Aside from operating background checks, it’s also advisable to follow the choice process suggested by both and Sittercity.

Aside from working background checks, it’s also advisable to follow the choice process advised by both Care and and Sittercity. The choice process that they recommend have been examined and which can support you in finding the best sitter to fit your family’s needs. As a matter of known fact, they’re virtually identical with one another. They both begin with you publishing a job.

You need to try online babysitting services. Its to be one of the safest ways to discover a babysitter. You merely should operate a background check. In the end, it’s very essential that you find someone you can truly trust.