More Info For Background Report Company For Cheap

More Info For Background Report Company For Cheap – More Info For Background Report Company For Cheap


Sentinel Background Checks — Sentinel Background Checks is a pre-employment screening company that offers a variety of services that can be tailored for each business’s needs. Among the services Sentinel conducts are criminal and civil record searches, credit report checks, motor vehicle report checks, past employment and education verifications and drug screenings.

As with credit checks, experts recommend checking your background periodically to make sure there’s nothing fishy going on. FCRA-approved background check companies will provide you a copy of the information they have on file for free or for a small fee (no more than $12).

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Decide what you need in a background check. “This is often the most misunderstood aspect of the background check business,” Corcoran-Galarza says. If the role you’re hiring for doesn’t require any driving, you shouldn’t check your applicant’s driving record.

Proforma Screening Solutions — Proforma Screening Solutions delivers a wide range of background checks and background-screening services for companies of all sizes. For the needs of smaller businesses, the company offers an express online background-screening that enables managers to select from background-screening packages that include Social Security number validation, address history, national criminal database searches, terrorist watch list searches, sex offender registry searches, county and federal criminal records searches, and motor vehicle reports.

Corporate Screening — Corporate Screening offers a range of pre-employment screening services, including Social Security number traces; credit reports; driver history reports; criminal record searches; education, employment and reference verifications; and drug and health screenings.

The hiring process isn’t becoming easier, and many people may find it downright difficult to manage. Good help is hard to find. Talent Wise offers a streamlined hiring process solution designed to help HR professionals and business owners make the best decisions for their business. TalentWise is there from start to finish to help your business through the process.

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For this category, we also used a methodology similar to the one that’s detailed above. However, we only considered companies that offered specific options for household employees. The companies we examined were Background Checks for Nannies, Childcare Background Search, GoNannies, GTM, HireSafe, eNannySource, ESR Screened Caregiver, NannyVerify and Safelutions. (See the full list of background check services specializing in household employees, and their websites, below.)

IntelliCorp — IntelliCorp is a nationwide provider of background checks and employment-screening solutions. Specific types of searches include criminal and sex offender records checks; Social Security number verifications; education, employment and professional license verifications; civil records searches; credit reports; and motor vehicle reports. IntelliCorp also conducts drug testing.

Background Check Vs Gun Registration is one of only a handful of DIY background check websites that can be legally used for pre-employment screening. The website, which is simple to use, involves job candidates in the background-screening process. It not only alerts them that a background check is being conducted, but also gives them an opportunity to respond to any red flags that are uncovered. Go here for a full review of

Pinkerton — Pinkerton offers a variety of employment background-screening services, including background checks, fingerprinting, drug testing and I-9 verification. Pinkerton’s background checks involve county, state, federal and international criminal history searches; sex offender searches; and civil court checks. Employment history and education verifications are also included.

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ADP Talent Management, AmericanDatabank, Contemporary Information Corp. (CIC), CoreLogic SafeRent / Teletrack / CredCo, Corra, EasyBackgrounds, Employment Screening Resources, ESR Screened Caregiver, Experian RentBureau, General Information Services, Inc., GoNannies, InfoCubic, InfoMart, justifacts, Pre-employ, Private Eyes, Resident Research, Screening Reports, Inc., TalentWise, Tenant Data Services, The Work Number, Trak 1

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Now, let’s say you’re a small business. Most screening services, including GoodHire, run a check to verify that you have a valid business license. Once it confirms that, the next step is to get signed written consent from the person you’re checking.

Verispy  — Verispy is a comprehensive background check service. Types of records available via Verispy include bankruptcy history, address history, marriages and divorce history, property ownership, criminal records, sex offender records, business licenses, evictions, lawsuits, email addresses and social network profiles. Verispy is not a consumer reporting agency as defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

BackgroundReport doesn’t require you to have a verifiable business license — only that you have written consent from the person you are screening. That means anyone can use it, from small businesses to landlords to organizations hiring volunteers.

Pre-employ is FCRA regulated and NAPBS accredited. It was also rated among the top employee screening services in the business by HRO Today. The company does employee background screening, using background checks, and also provides I-9 Compliance, Employment Verification, and Drug Testing services. There are numerous items to choose from when selecting what information to verify in your background screenings.

Employment Screening Services — Employment Screening Services offers pre-employment screening solutions. The company’s background checks include criminal history searches, credit reports, motor vehicle reports, education and employment verifications, drug testing and Social Security number traces.

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Shield Screening — Shield Screening is a full-service background check organization. The company offers Social Security number traces; credit report checks; motor vehicle report checks; national, state and county criminal searches; National Sex Offender Registry searches; drug screening; and employment, education and professional license verification.

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KnowX — KnowX is used to help you find information about businesses, people and assets, and discover any critical relationships among them. With this website, you can run a background check on a business, locate assets or investigate property value through public records. The service is not FCRA-compliant and is not intended for pre-employment screening.

How To Background Check Yourself For Free — provides instant access to public records in one easy-to-read report. The site’s comprehensive background check services cover criminal records, current and previous phone numbers, address histories, sex offender databases, property ownership records, marriage and divorce records, family member lists, and bankruptcy and tax lien history. is not a consumer reporting agency under the Fair Credit Reporting Act guidelines.

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* — was our best pick for do-it-yourself background check websites. provides online access to background reports for either yourself or someone else. The service offers instant access to background information such as Social Security number validation, criminal and arrest records, bankruptcies, judgments, liens, address history, alias names and evictions. This website abides by the FCRA regulations and can be used as part of the pre-employment hiring process. Read our full review here.

Advanced Surveillance Group — Advanced Surveillance Group provides pre-employment and current employee screening. Some of its services include name, address and Social Security number verifications; driving-record  searches; criminal conviction searches; prior employment, education, past earnings and professional license verifications; and civil court record searches. The company also conducts reference interviews.

When we were told we would be using Kennect, Sterling Talent Solutions’ service for individual background checks, to process our single check, we were surprised. If you’re doing more than 15 checks a year, you should opt into Sterling’s corporate-focused services that can better perform checks in batches for an annual fee (prices vary depending on your company size, but the rep was reluctant to tell us more). In the rep’s “honest opinion,” it’s best to use Kennect for fewer than 15 checks per year; the annual fee isn’t worth it. In our honest opinion, if you’re doing that few, use GoodHire.

Intelifi — Intelifi’s platform enables accessibility to county courthouses, government sources and international feeds. Background-screening services include people searches, criminal records searches, motor vehicle records searches, credit reporting and employment, education and reference verifications.

Data Facts — Data Facts is a provider of background checks, drug testing; and applicant tracking. The company’s background screenings include criminal record searches, credit reports, education and employment verifications, I-9 and E-Verify services, and motor vehicle record searches.

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Two Standouts Background Checks for Nannies had been hacked. When we went to its pricing page, we found it peppered with links for cheap Viagra — not exactly a company we want handling sensitive data. Another site that we saw at the top of many other best-of lists, CIC, presented us with a GeoCities-era HTML website with old ClipArt buttons and little-to-no info about its services offered. No thanks.

TruDiligence — TruDiligence is nationally accredited by the NAPBS and offers an integrated applicant-tracking system and conducts criminal history, civil history, credit report and motor vehicle record searches. TruDiligence also provides education, employment, license, certification and Social Security Number verifications.

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EBI — EBI’s suite of pre-employment background checks is available in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. Specific types of searches include Social Security number traces, credit report checks, criminal record searches, driver qualification services, and verification and credentialing.

PeopleG2 — PeopleG2’s services range from employment screening and background checks to more strategic and advanced human capital due diligence services like executive screening. The company conducts criminal and civil records searches, social media screening, employment, education and reference verifications, and drug testing.

Justifacts — Justifacts provides background-screening services to companies of all sizes. Services include employment history and license verification, criminal record searches, reference checks, motor vehicle records checks, address history, drug testing and sex offender searches.

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AAA Credit Screening Services — AAA Credit Screening Services offers a variety of services, including employment background screening. The company conducts criminal history checks, Social Security number traces, driver history reports, education, employment and credential verifications, and reference checks.

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We entered the email of our potential caregiver, and eNannySource immediately sent a consent form over email. We got a message letting us know that if our caregiver didn’t send the consent forms back within 24 hours, we’d get a notification email. We liked that they kept things moving. We ordered our check in the afternoon, and we were told results could take up to five days; but, eight hours later the checks were done.

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OpenOnline is good for criminal background checks, employment verification, and address history, but beyond that its offerings are slim compared to competitors. It only works with small businesses with a valid license, not with landlords or nannies.

Validity Screening Solutions — Validity Screening Solutions offers employment-related background screenings and rechecks. The company conducts criminal and civil court record searches, as well as employment and education verifications.

SSC — SSC is a professional investigations and security company that conducts pre-employment screening services. The company’s investigators conduct county, state and national criminal history checks; civil records checks; motor vehicle records checks; and employment, education, military and professional credential verifications. SSC also conducts drug testing.

Employer’s InfoSource — Employer’s InfoSource is a single source for all employment background screening and credential verification services. The company conducts basic background checks, as well as extensive, executive-level credential verifications.

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Employment Screening Services — Employment Screening Services has more than 30 years of law enforcement experience. The company conducts drug testing, county criminal record searches, national criminal database searches, Social Security number verification, and employment and education verification.

Research Associates — Research Associates conducts employee-screening services. The company conducts personal interviews with former employers and references; chronological reviews of work and education history; education and license verifications; credit and financial information checks; criminal history reports; driving records searches; and civil and bankruptcy court records searches.

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Deferred Adjudication: A type of plea deal where the case may be dismissed if the defendant complies with all orders of probation, treatment and community service. The case will result in a non-conviction and henceforth cannot be used as a determining factor for hire.

Tsa Background Check Near Me — offers all types of background checks, including criminal background checks. The service’s criminal database contains more than 525 million criminal records from more than 1,000 sources, including county court records, state repositories, departments of corrections, administrative offices of courts, state sex and violent offender registries, government exclusion lists and terrorist watch lists. This website abides by the FCRA regulations and can be used as part of the pre-employment hiring process.

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