More Info For Background Report Laws For Cheap

More Info For Background Report Laws For Cheap – More Info For Background Report Laws For Cheap


The first responsibility of a small-business owner is to determine what background check best fits the position they are hiring for, or the reason they are screening a tenant. In fact, it’s the law. The FCRA is enforced by the Federal Trade Commission and compliance is super important. “There are lawyers out there whose whole purpose in life is to try to bust employers for not following the law,” Corcoran-Galarza says. “It’s rather lucrative.”

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Thankfully, there are a few check services for just that and eNannySource impressed us the most. (It should be noted that eNannySource isn’t just a background-check service. First and foremost, it serves as a liaison between households and potential caregivers. You can sign up to search for babysitting or nannying jobs, or to look for a caregiver. Background checks are just a bonus service for eNannySource, and it does that well.)

The Cedalius Group — The Cedalius Group provides background and screening research that includes criminal records, verifications, drug testing and consulting services. The company works with a wide variety of industries and researches all employment-level positions, from executive board members and corporate officers to volunteers and hourly associates.

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Intelifi — Intelifi’s platform enables accessibility to county courthouses, government sources and international feeds. Background-screening services include people searches, criminal records searches, motor vehicle records searches, credit reporting and employment, education and reference verifications.

Employment Screening — Employment Screening offers background-screening and drug-testing services that can be customized according to industry. Services include background checks, drug testing, driving records searches, Social Security number traces, sex offender checks, and education, employment and professional license verifications. The company also conducts child care provider checks.

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Let’s start with its site. There’s a pricing page that goes into great detail about each of its screening packages and how much they cost. (Most sites make you call and chat with a salesperson first. GoodHire is one of a few background check sites that lets you sign up on your own, online.) We also appreciated that before we bought anything, GoodHire provided us with a sample background report so we knew what to expect.

Human Assets South — Human Assets South provides background-screening and drug-testing services. Specific background screenings include employment, education, license and credential verifications; credit reports; motor vehicle reports; workers’ compensation claim histories; National Sex Offender Registry searches; and county, state, civil and federal criminal history searches.

Pinkerton — Pinkerton offers a variety of employment background-screening services, including background checks, fingerprinting, drug testing and I-9 verification. Pinkerton’s background checks involve county, state, federal and international criminal history searches; sex offender searches; and civil court checks. Employment history and education verifications are also included.

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TriCor Employment Screening — TriCor Employment Screening is a full-service background-screening company with national and international coverage. Services include Social Security number trace reports; driving history reports; county, state and federal criminal history searches; education, license and employment verifications; and drug testing.

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We entered the email of our potential caregiver, and eNannySource immediately sent a consent form over email. We got a message letting us know that if our caregiver didn’t send the consent forms back within 24 hours, we’d get a notification email. We liked that they kept things moving. We ordered our check in the afternoon, and we were told results could take up to five days; but, eight hours later the checks were done.

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When it comes to consent forms, GoodHire does all the legwork for you. It sent our test applicant an online consent form with clear directions. She added the information herself and signed electronically. Sounds like an obvious perk of living in the Internet Age, but it’s not an industry standard. One large background check company (and our top pick for larger businesses), Sterling Talent Solutions, annoyingly required us to scan or fax (!) consent forms in.

Employment Screening Associates — Employment Screening Associates is a full-service research company that specializes in pre-employment and corporate intelligence solutions. The company conducts employment and education verifications, criminal history searches, Social Security number traces, motor vehicle reports and credit history checks.

* — was our best pick for do-it-yourself background check websites. provides online access to background reports for either yourself or someone else. The service offers instant access to background information such as Social Security number validation, criminal and arrest records, bankruptcies, judgments, liens, address history, alias names and evictions. This website abides by the FCRA regulations and can be used as part of the pre-employment hiring process. Read our full review here.

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Our process involves putting ourselves in the mindset of a small business or medical practice owner and gathering the data that would be readily available to such an individual. We perform all of our research by visiting company websites, making calls to customer service representatives and interviewing real users.

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Employment Screening Services — Employment Screening Services offers pre-employment screening solutions. The company’s background checks include criminal history searches, credit reports, motor vehicle reports, education and employment verifications, drug testing and Social Security number traces.

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easyBackgrounds — easyBackgrounds specializes in pre-employment screening and employee background checks. The service conducts criminal records searches at the county, state and federal levels, and can verify past work history, education and professional references. Additional types of checks include civil record and bankruptcies searches, as well as motor vehicle reports. easyBackgrounds also offers drug testing.

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There’s a cloud of uncertainty around many background check services. Thirty-three of the 48 FCRA-compliant companies we looked at didn’t list their prices online, and 26 didn’t give clear information on when we’d get our report back. GoodHire, though, hides nothing. It was our runaway favorite.

Some knocks on eNannySource: We wish its customer service reps were more responsive. Multiple calls went straight to voicemail, and emails with questions were never returned. Since it’s so easy to order online, we could forgive this, but more attentive customer care would’ve put us at ease. We didn’t have to create an account for eNannySource, which saved us time, but also means we couldn’t log back in and retrieve a copy of the background report.

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Carco Group — Carco’s background checks include tracking, analysis and data verification. To ensure accurate and complete findings of its employment screenings, the company re-verifies adverse information before it’s disseminated. Specific employment-screening aspects include credit checks, criminal history searches, Social Security number traces, I-9/E-Verify services, employment and education verification, driving record searches and social media checks.

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To start a background check on an individual, all a client has to do is enter the name and state of the person and hit the search button. The website performs a nationwide search of over 1 billion public records and then gives the client the option to choose from the three payment options listed. Once this is complete, VerSP provides the client with a comprehensive background report that includes criminal/arrest records, birth, marriage/divorce records among other information.

A Matter of Fact — A Matter of Fact offers a comprehensive variety of pre-employment background check services. The company conducts criminal history checks; education, employment and license verifications; employment eligibility verification; and credit reports and drug screening.

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AmericanChecked — AmericanChecked is a nationally accredited background-screening services provider that offers solutions that are customizable to meet companies’ individual screening needs. The company conducts criminal history searches, court searches, Social Security number verifications, motor vehicle record searches, credit searches, employment and education verifications, and drug testing.

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Trusted Employees — Trusted Employees provides employment-screening solutions for organizations of all sizes across numerous industries. The company conducts criminal history searches, sex offender registry searches, Social Security number verification, and employer, education and reference verifications. Trusted Employees also conducts drug screenings and motor vehicle records searches.

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Corporate Investigations — Corporate Investigations Inc. is a national provider of background check services. The company works with both small and large employers in a variety of industries. Its services include criminal records checks; Social Security number verifications; I-9 employment verifications; motor vehicle record searches; government sanction checks; education, employment and professional license verifications; reference checks; credit checks; and drug screening.

For many background check sites, the experience goes something like this: The person in charge of hiring orders a background check from a screening company, then inputs all the information they have on the person they’re screening. The screening company, in turn, sends an email to the person being screened to confirm that all the information is correct.

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eVerif allows customers to run background checks via a name, address, email address or phone number. eVerif also allows new members to try out their service for 5 days for only $1. Reports can include all of the following and more:

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HireRight offers a comprehensive suite of background screenings, including an abundance of checks that are designed specifically for health care industry workers. In addition, the company conducts deep criminal history searches and provides a wide range of verifications, such as those for past education and employment. HireRight also offers a customizable online portal and excellent customer service. Go here for a full review of HireRight.

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Sentinel Background Checks — Sentinel Background Checks is a pre-employment screening company that offers a variety of services that can be tailored for each business’s needs. Among the services Sentinel conducts are criminal and civil record searches, credit report checks, motor vehicle report checks, past employment and education verifications and drug screenings.

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Checkr — Checkr allows businesses to run background checks automatically and securely. The company’s color-coded dashboard makes it easy  to browse and evaluate background reports that include national and county criminal record searches, driving history reports, Social Security number verifications and previous address searches.

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Verified First — Verified First provides employment background checks, drug testing and E-Verify services. Your Verified First account enables you to run as many or as few searches as you need; you’ll be billed only for what you use. To conduct a search with the system, simply enter basic employee information into the system, select databases and click search. Most results will be returned within seconds. You can run industry-specific reports against hundreds of databases in all 50 states and in 200 countries. — has access to many extensive public-record databases. With this service, you can search for someone’s court cases; contact information and arrest records; as well as sex offender status; birth, marriage and divorce records; and property and bankruptcy information. This service is not intended for pre-employment screening.

GoodHire is our top pick for its excellent customer experience; fair, transparent pricing; and its variety of service offerings. It’s one of only a handful of larger companies capable of attending to the varying needs of small businesses — for lots of services, one-off background checks are too small-potatoes. And while most sites make you call and chat with a salesperson, GoodHire lets you sign up online and immediately sends a sample report so you know what to expect.

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ScreenedRenters markets itself as a background screening site, but it functions more like a property management interface. In an ideal world, renters are encouraged to sign up and get their background and credit checked. After that, a renter is forever “pre-screened” for any future rental applications. (It’s a good idea in theory, but ScreenedRenters needs wider adoption.)

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