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Performing an internet Background Check around can give you assurance that the individuals who spend time with your household are safe and reliable. And running a on yourself on yourself } helps to make sure that your identity was not compromised or taken.

The Criminal Records portion of your record will contain information if the individual was Arrested, comes with an active or exceptional Warrant, Felony Records, Conviction and Disposition Details, Misdemeanor Charges, DUI/DWI Details, Mugshots, Jail Information, Police Article Details, Parole/Probation Details and much more!


Background Check Companies

DataFacts has been around since 1989, and when we chatted with the company on the phone, we felt its rep was thorough and never eager to push us into a sale. However, its website and consent process were riddled with errors.

Background Check With Driver’s License

InfoMart — InfoMart is a background-screening company that provides criminal history, credit and driving records, as well as education and employment verifications for businesses worldwide. InfoMart is a founding and accredited member of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners.

People-search sites can also backfire. Against Cohen’s advice, a friend “used a people-search site to look up this guy she was interested in,” she says. When Cohen’s friend completed the search on the man, it sent an email to him, saying, “‘Hey, Susan just did a background check on you! Would you like to do a background check on her?’ Now he thinks she’s the weird one.”

We rated websites on how transparent and clear their services were. We looked for up-front pricing and turnaround times, clear product demonstrations, helpful FAQ sections, and live customer support. We called to see if they could accurately explain their services without trying to scare us into a sale. In the end, sixteen sites impressed us the most.

C3 Intelligence — C3 Intelligence provides pre-employment-screening services to a range of clients, including multinational corporations, entrepreneurs and individuals. The company offers a wide variety of search options, including criminal history searches; motor vehicle reports; civil and financial searches; and employment, education, professional license, military and reference verifications. C3 Intelligence also provides E-Verify/form I-9 compliance services and drug testing solutions.

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There are some companies that advertise for both: Pro Forma passed all of our tests and offers many different types of checks. The rub: an exorbitant setup fee ($150) just to get started. The rep admitted that Pro Forma targets larger organizations that perform multiple checks rather than small businesses; though, anyone with a business license can use its service. Similarly, Intellicorp performs checks for small businesses, but its main focus is on companies with many employees.

Who Do Background Check

A-Check — A-Check offers comprehensive background-screening solutions. The company provides services that are customized for specific industry and particular organizational needs. Services include criminal record searches; education, past employment, license and references verifications; motor vehicle records searches; and credit reports. In addition, A-Check provides I-9 and E-Verify services.

Background Check For Volunteers

*GoodHire — GoodHire was our best pick for small businesses. GoodHire is a background-screening service that offers scalable, FCRA-compliant solutions to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes. Specific types of services include drug testing; Social Security number traces; address history; national criminal records checks; county criminal courts checks; domestic and global terrorist watch list checks; sex offender list checks; education, employer and professional license verifications; and motor vehicle records checks. Read our full review here.

Background Check Employment

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Employment Screening Services — Employment Screening Services has more than 30 years of law enforcement experience. The company conducts drug testing, county criminal record searches, national criminal database searches, Social Security number verification, and employment and education verification.

We’ve mentioned having our business license verified in order to order a background check — nearly every background screening company requires you to have one. These screeners theoretically could do checks for anyone, but things can get pretty hairy liability-wise. That’s partially because of “Know Your Customer” (KYC) laws, says Corcoran-Galarza. The law protects against any person just running an invasive background check to use as blackmail. A business license acts as a buffer between the screening company and the person requesting the screen; it verifies that you’re performing a background check for the right reasons.

Safe Hiring Solutions — Safe Hiring Solutions is a comprehensive risk management firm that specializes in , visitor/volunteer management software and automated reference checking software. The company offers a paperless processing option that features an embedded link on each employer’s website, which allows job candidates to electronically sign authorizations and input their information.

What’s A Background Check Like

To test those top sixteen, we sent emails and made dozens of phone calls under the guise of a business owner, landlord, and someone looking to help their sister find a nanny. We had each company’s reps guide us through the process, and ordered the most basic background check on our own Managing Editor. Then we poked around each site and compared the end results for accuracy and readability.

Corporate Screening — Corporate Screening offers a range of pre-employment screening services, including Social Security number traces; credit reports; driver history reports; criminal record searches; education, employment and reference verifications; and drug and health screenings.

GoodHire has everything a small business needs from a background check provider. It offers a range of services, including criminal history searches, education and employment verifications, and drug testing. Background checks can be purchased on an individual basis, and there are no monthly minimums. GoodHire is also accredited by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners, has an easy-to-use online system and excellent customer service. Go here for a full review of GoodHire.

For many screening companies, the average guy who runs a coffee shop isn’t worth their time and resources. Some say it right in their name: Corporate Screening Services, for example. When we called the company, it politely but firmly said it doesn’t serve individuals or run one-off checks.

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That’s the only type of background check service a business or organization can legally use. “People-search” sites, on the other hand, may satisfy curiosity, but they aren’t beholden to regulations set by the Federal Credit Report Act, since the person being checked doesn’t give their consent. A people-search site “doesn’t meet the letter of the law or spirit of the law,” Corcoran-Galarza says.

Universal Background Screening — Universal Background Screening is a provider of background-screening solutions, including a comprehensive selection of employment background checks and verifications, employee drug testing, employment physicals and compliance management services. The company conducts background checks on vendors, temporary staff, consultants, volunteers, students, executives and a company’s extended workforce.

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To determine the best background check services for small businesses, very small businesses and medical practices, we started by listing more than 80 vendors that conduct employee background checks. These included a combination of vendors we found via online searches and those we discovered through interviews with small business owners.

Background Check Companies

Private Eyes — Private Eyes Inc. provides comprehensive pre-employment screening services, such as background checks, education verification, Social Security number traces, drug screenings, physicals, driver qualification file maintenance and motor vehicle record checks. The company works with more than 500 organizations of all sizes in a wide range of industries.

Employer’s InfoSource — Employer’s InfoSource is a single source for all employment background screening and credential verification services. The company conducts basic background checks, as well as extensive, executive-level credential verifications.

HireSafe — HireSafe conducts background checks for businesses of all sizes in a wide range of industries. The company’s pay-as-you-go background-screenings include national criminal database searches; county, federal and state criminal record searches; Social Security number validation and verification; and employment, education and professional license verification.

Corra Group — Corra Group specializes in employment screening and corporate research. The company conducts criminal history searches; civil records searches; Social Security number traces; motor vehicle driving records searches; social media background checks; and education, employment and professional license verifications. Corra’s web-based system allows businesses to order background checks online, monitor results, view reports in progress and securely archive candidate results.

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2. VerSP is a background check system that allows users to search over one billion records to uncover a plethora of information about almost anyone. The website is very easy and straightforward, and complete background reports may be obtained within minutes. The cost of this service is competitive with the other background check services we have reviewed.

Background Check With Credit Report

Employment Record Service — Employment Record Service is a provider of employment screening, verification and credentialing services. The company conducts nationwide criminal background checks, sex offender registry searches, motor vehicle record searches, credit history checks, Social Security and identity verifications, employment and education verifications, and reference interviews.


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